Grand Enclos du Château de CÉrons


Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons is located in Graves, the oldest appellation of Bordeaux, where it is estimated that the first vineyards were planted more than two thousand years ago. Bordeaux Graves vines are protected from the elements by pine forests on one side and cooled by the Garonne river on the other. The "grave" stones of the region absorb the heat of the sun during the day and cool off at night. The unique nature of these stones help the vines ripen steadily and produce an early harvest. The Graves region is known for its white blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and red blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals. Chateau Lamouroux is the second label of this winery and these wines are produced from the youngest vines, making them more ready to drink.

Grand Enclos Graves rouge 2015.jpg

Red Graves

54% Cabernet Sauvignon - 46% Merlot 
Color: Dark cherry red robe with nearly black reflects.
Nose: Very rich , pulpy and elegant nose of black ripe berries , complex and showing the great ripeness of the vintage .
Refined vanilla notes already well integrated at the nose at this stage.
Mouth: Round and voluptuous . At the same time complete and complex in association with an impressive tannic structure stunny by its density and its refinement. The wine shows a great unctuosity attributing to it a superb length with a final note of remarkable freshness. 

Grand Enclos Cérons Graves blanc nv.jpg

White Graves

52% Sémillon, 44%Sauvignon, 4% Sauvignon gris
Color : bright pale yellow with green gold reflects
Nose: intense and at the same time pure and refined. Initially floral ,white flowers and vine flower followed by white fruits , especially litchi, finally with agrumes and lemon notes. Still outrageous youth.
Mouth: very fruity initial mouth : agrumes , white peach. Great purity mixing suavity and freshness. Exceptional length allowing wine to bonify with time . Very live and complex wine associating both fruity and power. 



2015 is exceptional for its quality and diversity : a great success for the dry whites, the reds and the sweets. In the track record, sufficiently rare to be underlined , last time in 2005.
View: Straw yellow robe with gold bright reflects, typical of a great “liquoreux” wine still young.
Nose: Attractive candied apricots nose, of quince , enrobed by a charming touch of bourbon vanilla.
Mouth : In mouth a great concentration offering a rich flesh , but always elegant , balanced by a per- fect vivacity and scented of pleasant exotic fruits notes . Unequalled length in mouth .Toasted and wooden notes already perfectly enrobed by the wine structure . Destined to a long ageing 

lamouroux rouge 2014.jpg

Lamouroux Red Graves

60% Merlot - 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
Color: nice dark red robe, with almost black reflects
Nose: rich fruity dark berries nose, scents of eyelet and violet, mixed to light toasted notes. By its complexity reflects the great ripeness of the vintage.
Mouth: Live fresh mouth at the same time complete and complex. Fruity palate with nice tannic structure associated to an unctuous and long finale, which lets predict a good ageing potential. 

Lam blc 2015.jpeg

Lamouroux White Graves

80% Sauvignon - 20% Sémillon
Color: light yellow gold, bright
Nose :very refined and dense flavor at the same time , floral with violet note and Amalfi lemon typical of ripe sauvignon out of Graves soil. Final scents of white fruit, great refinement with a particular richness of the vintage Always a mix of refinement, freshness and elegance. 
Mouth : significant volume for this style of wine. At the same time richness and finesse, mixing fruity and floral notes in the palate as well, completed by the creaminess of the Semillon at the finish .The terroir is having little by little got the wine recover all its freshness and vivacity, smoothened initially by the outstanding ripeness of the white grapes in this vintage 

Lam Rosé 2015-7.jpg

Lamouroux Rosé

65 % Cabernet Sauvignon – 35 % Merlot
Color: beautiful pink dress very clear and bright.
Nose: fragrant with marked notes of currant and raspberry. We guess the freshness of a complicated vintage for red grapes
Palate: Attractive freshness on the palate, pleasantly fruity with a nice tone but keeping a nice balance and good persistence with slight spicy notes in the finale. Ensemble beautiful finesse and elegance.

The prototype of the rosé wine of pleasure, ideal for an aperitif on the patio and the consumption of seasonal dishes ... such as salads, fish and grilled meats, BBQ ....

Elixir du Grand Enclos Graves rouge.jpg

Elixir du Grand Enclos Graves Rouge

72% Cabernet Sauvignon - 28 % Merlot
Color: intensive, deep dark red
Nose: very ripe and rich with finely spiced notes of blackcurrants and black ripe cherry.
Palate: Elixir first strikes by the exceptional quality of its tannins: pure silk... This red is intense with perfect balance and structure. While offering a great concentration and generosity, Elixir remains an example of class and elegance in a dreamed vintage. 

Elixir du Grand Enclos Graves blanc.jpeg

Elixir du Grand Enclos Graves Blanc

70% Sémillon - 21% Sauvignon - 9% Sauvignon gris
Color : bright golden yellow
Nose : white flowers and white peach notes, lemon zest in finale
Mouth : wine of huge structure with a very present mineral side.This very powerful wine will be able to age many years similarly to a great white Bur- gundy. The sémillon, dense and complex grape, shows here all its qualities. Tissue and freshness combine at perfection . Toasted notes in the
finale will integrate more and more as time goes by.